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50 Hortense St
Glen Iris, VIC, 3146

+61 3 9819 0845

Practice of Jeremy Woolhouse, pianist and Alexander Technique Teacher.

Specialist in working with musicians, RSI, posture re-education, neck, back and chronic pain management. 


Jeremy Woolhouse’s other sites:  Jazz recordings, composition, performance and teaching  Poise Alexander Technique on Facebook  Mailing list subscription to Poise Alexander Technique  Portal to Linkedin, personal FB page, YouTube etc.


Information Websites:  Easy to read and engaging articles on Alexander Technique with some targeted at musicians.  A good succinct explanation of who FM Alexander was and what his work entails  Has a couple of experiments you can do yourself as you read… Interviews and articles on various topics pertaining to Alexander technique, especially of interest to musicians. A collection of resources and links  The “Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique” - information, resources and links


Societies: The Australian Society of teachers of the Alexander Technique Alexander Technique International - International Teachers Society  Alexander Technique Education - International Teachers Society  The Canadian Society of teachers of the Alexander Technique – with some good introductory info  The American Society of teachers of the Alexander Technique – with some good introductory info  The most established teaching association.  Based in the UK The international Affiliated Societies of STAT


Schools: School for FM Alexander studies in North Fitzroy - Teacher Training Centre for Adult Education - introductory and group classes


Publications:  International Journal of the Alexander technique


Melbourne teachers: Ria Soemardjo - Expert in vocal tuition and Alexander Technique - Thornbury Matt Wasley and Paul Cook  Marigold Smith in Healsville – specialist with Horse riding and Yoga Links to other teachers in Melbourne



Outside Melbourne: Sydney Alexander Technique centre


International: Adrian FarrellSoho, Central London, Highgate and East Finchley, UK Aino Klippel in London UK, Jyväskylä, Suomi / Finland Mark Josefsberg in New York, USA