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50 Hortense St
Glen Iris, VIC, 3146

+61 3 9819 0845

Practice of Jeremy Woolhouse, pianist and Alexander Technique Teacher.

Specialist in working with musicians, RSI, posture re-education, neck, back and chronic pain management. 


your lesson

Most Alexander Technique lessons are taught one-to-one, by a qualified teacher. A progressive series is structured, specific to the pupil’s needs.  Usually lessons are weekly for 45 or 60 minutes.

The teacher combines observation, dialogue and gentle manual guidance to help students improve self-awareness, release habitual tensions and redirect effort into efficient movement.

Principles are taught so students can independently apply the technique to specialised skills, or in daily activities. Lessons typically involve the teacher working with the student moving, walking, sitting, standing and lying down.


It is generally considered that 10 lessons give students a practical understanding of the principles, and 30 gives the student a strong independence and ability to manage conditions by consistently applying the principles in activity.

As students continue to use what they have learnt, benefits accrued in a session are sustained. A series of lessons builds skills that can be used and developed indefinitely.



Teaching Times and Dates:  

Glen Iris:  
Monday:  1pm to 9pm.
Tuesday:  1pm to 9pm
Wednesday: 12pm to 5:30pm
Thursday: 1pm to 9pm

Studio closed:
28th - 31st August 2017
18th November to 25th December 2017

Schedule of fees:

Many private health fund policies offer rebates on Alexander Technique lessons.


                          60 Min      45 Min
10 sessions          $830     $640
5 sessions           $430      $335
3 sessions           $265      $205
Casual Rate         $90        $70


Discount rates available on request to:
- a second or additional session in the same week, a second or additional family member,
- full time students, health care card holders,

                          60 Min       45 Min
10 sessions          $760   $580
5 sessions           $390       $300
3 sessions           $240       $185
Casual Rate         $83         $64


A scholarship of 25% full fee is offered to students enrolled in full time study of a music degree.

Prices current January 2017.  Your initial session is charged at the casual rate.

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