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Practice of Jeremy Woolhouse, pianist and Alexander Technique Teacher in Melbourne, Australia

Specialist in working with musicians, RSI, posture re-education, neck, back and chronic pain management. 

Articles on Alexander Technique in life - by Jeremy Woolhouse

Monthly blog articles by Jeremy Woolhouse.  Alexander Technique for daily life, music performance, specialised activities, pain relief and management.

What Alexander Technique isn’t

Jeremy Woolhouse

Just to be clear - here are some potential misconceptions about Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique is NOT:

Back cracking manipulation

The teachers hands suggest certain attitudes by a very subtle touch.  Gross manipulation is not used.  With the high quality input the teacher’s hands offer, the student’s body is enabled to achieve its own natural co-ordination.

Passive therapy

With Alexander Technique, the pupil is actively engaged in the therapy.  The teacher won’t “fix” a student’s problems, but educate them as to how they can co-ordinate themselves effectively to achieve optimum health and performance.


Many student’s come with a particular issue.  The teacher’s approach is often to improve the coordination of the whole body and mind of the pupil.  This integrates and gives support to the area in issue and means the student has a practical method of dealing with the issue himself.


Although pleasurable, Alexander Technique is not something you “bliss out” in.  A teacher often asks of a pupil to release excessive tension, however this usually demands an increase in tone in another area.   The teacher is more concerned with giving the student the tools to balance tension in everyday life and increase efficiency.


With co-ordinated movement in daily activities, the body will require a balanced level of tone.  Alexander lessons teach how to gain and maintain this co-ordination.  The teacher may set tasks or give the student things to think about, but will not necessarily prescribe exercise.  It is of more interst to the teacher how the pupil does their exercise.


The Alexander Technique has very clear scientific principles.  There is nothing supernatural about it.  By following the practical procedures the teacher gives their pupil, it is easily accessible.


Alexander technique is become more and more recognised by the mainstream medical profession.  It has been established for over 60 years.  It is widely known and taught in professional institutions in areas of dance, drama, music, athletics and sports.  Many renowned individuals advocate the technique and article can be found in many leading publications.


Alexander Technique does not involve removing clothing and your teacher will only work with whatever amount of contact you are comfortable with.


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